For Install

All Procedures the same for all four wheel wells

Tools required for the installation:

  • Sharp scissors

  • Drill driver

  • Tape measurer

  • 7/64" drill bit

  • Sharpie marking pen

  • None of these items are included

Remove all hardware from its packaging and verify that these item are in the bag:

  • 1 Instruction sheet

  • 24 ea. screws #10 A2 Stainless

  • 24 ea. Screw caps (Included but not necessary.) Some Customers have reported issues with the caps not staying closed. I believe the screw must be perfectly centered in the depression for the cap to fit perfectly. Just a bit off center and the cup that the cap attaches to becomes distorted and will not work. Some have used hot glue to close caps that are fighting back.

  • 1-T25 torx driver bit

  • 2-12" inch pieces of peel and stick gasket. You must cut these into 24 pieces with scissors or a sharp knife. (Each strip would be cut into 12 pieces)

  • 17.5' Flare gasket. Cut the flare gasket into 4 individual pieces 2 will be 51" for the fronts and 2 will be 54" for the rears




Repair rust as needed. Recommend cutting the rust out and treating the metal with a rust inhibitor such as "Rust Mort"  available online or a local auto parts or you can use a rust encapsulater.  Keep in mind you can always remove these flares and work on the metal underneath at any given point in time.

Sem Automotive Products has given me Cladding color formulas. They can be found at

Step 1   Prep and paint Covers to your liking. ABS plastic is not UV protected. It will deteriorate over time if not painted.

Step 2   Cut the peel and stick gasketing into 24 pieces This gasket forms a seal around the screw as it penetrates the fender. Each piece will be roughly 1" Square

Step 3   Attach the previously cut Flare gasket around the top edge of the unit and trim at a slight back angle at the tips to allow water to run off the ends. Loosen a small portion of the Red release tape and pull gently to expose the 3M double stick tape. Be sure the gasket is tight.

Step 4   Hold unit in place and mark holes with a permanent marking pen. Making sure the piece is centered. Then set the flare aside.

Step 5   Place 1" piece of peel and stick gasketing over each screw location you previously marked. This will ensure that no water will get past the screw.

Step 6   Insert screws into the hinged screw caps. (if you like)

Step 7   Return Flare back over the correct fender.

Step 8  At this point an extra set of hands would be niceBe sure piece is centered !

Drill a pilot hole with the 7/64" drill bit and insert one of the screws. This will hold the piece in place Repeat for the remaining 5 screws. Make sure not to over tighten. Repeat for the three remaining flares.

                                  YOU'RE DONE !

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Step 10  Tell everyone where you got these.    Pass out our business cards.                                                           DON'T BE SHY