Three weeks into Claddy

Three weeks in and I am anxious to quit my day job. I know this is premature but there's hope. 

This week began with the horrific shooting in Las Vegas. I know I have no answers only questions. Yet I can only feel sadness for my family. I have three grown children who have come of age since 9/11. Essentially they have lived with this madness their entire lives.  

The Donald Seems to feel we, the common folk, have no say in what we can reasonably expect from our government.  Chaos is the rule of the day. I can patiently wait for the day when he is either peacefully or forcibly removed from office.  The problem I have is the direct impact he and his administration will have on my children and grand children. CHIPs gone, women's rights gone, affordable health insurance going away (sabotaged by republicans), immanent nuclear war, hate groups on the rise, income bumps for the uber wealthy through tax reform,  WTH people! Too many screwed up thing to write down.  So Sad.

Enough ranting, I'm here to blog.


Adam Hopkins