Health Issues

Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch lately . I have been sidetracked by some I'll health. In late January I was diagnosed with lung cancer. We are still in the early stages of diagnosis and have yet to form a game plan of treatment. I feel confident that I will kick this things tail. My wife and kids will keep the orders flowing. I have plenty of flare kits still in stock.

In a couple weeks I'll either be having chemo or surgery. Either way I would appreciate all your patience with getting your orders shipped promptly.  As long as I am conscious I will  get these suckers shipped out within a few days. I promise. 

Update *****

I am in remission. Surgery wasn’t so bad and they were able to get this tumor out of me. The next step was 4 rounds of Chemo. That in itself has kicked my ass. I am very slowly recovering but I was left with Neuropathy in my hands and feet. I don’t know if it will ever go away. I am also now a card carrying medical marijuana patient. I believe in that stuff and my ability to get used to the feeling again will determine how that goes. I haven’t even been near the stuff for about 40 years.


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